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About Us

At Memory Nurture we have the understanding that comes from the personal experience of having family members or close friends of family experiencing dementia as well as from our health professional backgrounds and years of experience of working in dementia care.

Memory Nurture visiting facilitators are chosen for their warm and nurturing personalities and their desire to want to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia  and their families. They have great empathy for people with dementia. We value the age old saying of “laughter is the best medicine” so we aim to include a sense of fun as well as contentment in our sessions.

Staying mentally stimulated and involved in activities that you have enjoyed in your life such as gardening, exercise  or listening to a lovely piece of music, can help you or your family member feel uplifted and can promote positive connections to those dear to you. We want to help reconnect you to activities that you enjoy and value in life.

Our Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Social Workers and Physiotherapists have many years of experience in dementia care and/or rehabilitation , a number have specialised areas of expertise such as creative expression. Our Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistants, as well as Carers are all trained in the use of the Ashby Memory Method as well as other memory stimulation techniques. We believe that the quality of life is improved through early intervention.

How we are UNIQUE

  • We are currently one of the few private companies certified to deliver The Ashby Memory Method in Western Australia.
  • We offer well-being support from our Health Professional staff.
  • We can also offer multicultural support with some cultures and languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, Polish and Hungarian. We also have British and Irish Facilitators. Please ask us if you are interested in multicultural support.
  • We do offer a Guest Speaker programme for your community group or organization that may help you and your loved ones in this journey with topics such as what is memory loss and how to assist with memory loss, change and how we adapt to change.
  • We are able to connect you to a variety of other specialist services where you may need assistance. Some of these areas may include  financial planning in terms of Aged Care, information about Aged Care Facilities, helping to choose Aged Care Facilities when required and Accreditation in Aged Care Facilities.