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Ashby Memory Method (AMM)

Memory Nurture offers specialized support for people with dementia and their families .

An integral part of our support is the Ashby Memory Method [AMM] which is an evidence based, structured programme of interactive cognitive or thinking exercises and activities. The program has been developed by dementia researchers using techniques adapted from the field of brain injury rehabilitation. It has been specifically designed for persons already experiencing memory loss e.g. early to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and stroke.

The AMM uses multiple types of interaction and stimulation to match each person’s interests and strengths while promoting personal connections and independence. It is a non-invasive therapy which can be used alongside your current medical treatment plan. It is designed to be easy to use and AMM Program Facilitators co-ordinate a plan and provide a progress record for participants and their families. We aim to help you feel more actively involved in your overall treatment.

Early diagnosis provides an opportunity for early intervention and while there is no cure for most cases of dementia, many treatment and care options can delay the progression of dementia. Online training is available for family members and friends regarding use of the AMM as well as the support from Memory Nurture Facilitators.

Below is video of founder John Ashby talking about the effectiveness of the Ashby Memory Method.

How Do We Provide AMM?

We offer support at home or in aged care facilities.

The AMM program[ AMM] has recently been made available in Australia and Memory Nurture is very pleased to be certified to offer the AMM programme. Those who have participated in the programme have reported an improved quality of life and reduced care giver stress. For more information visit

To assist with costs associated with the programme, claims can be made via Medicare and major Health Funds e.g. HBF.

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We are based in Perth, Western Australia in the metro area as well as Rockingham/ Mandurah.  Memory Nurture services  will be available in other areas as we expand our support services.