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Are Memory Nurture services available through Health Funds or Medicare?

Yes Memory Nurture services are covered by many Health Funds e.g. HBF Premium Essentials and some Medicare rebates as well as DVA services for eligible GOLD card holders. Contact us for more details regarding your individual circumstances. Click here to Contact Us

Can the AMM be used in conjunction with your current medical treatment or care plan?

Yes it can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatment plans . It is helpful to commence the program soon after diagnosis to assist stimulation of cognitive skills , daily living abilities  and maintain quality of life. Click here to Contact Us

How do I trial the Ashby Memory Method?

We offer an assessment to gauge suitability for the evidence – based programme, to introduce the materials and to discuss your needs. Click here to Contact Us

Do you visit us at home or do I come to you?

Memory Nurture Facilitators visit you for individual support for dementia care or for rehabilitation services and in some areas we will be offering Memory Nurture services in groups within a Club- like atmosphere. We also offer Memory Nurture services  in an Aged Care Facility. Click here to Contact Us

How can we measure improvements?

 Memory Nurture Qualified Health Professionals will assess cognitive or thinking skills using the Mini-Mental Examination [MMSE] which  is used by Doctors and Occupational Therapists as well as Registered Nurses to track changes in cognition. Doctors also use the MMSE  to monitor cognition in response to medication used to assist those with dementia.  The MMSE and other cognitive assessments will be used to gain a better understanding of  the most helpful strategies for you or your family member. A specific plan will be made covering areas specific to you such as cognition , physical and daily living goals and will be regularly reviewed with you to best ensure your needs are being met. Reports are also provided re  rehabilitation services offered by Memory Nurture.  Click here to Contact Us

How long could the Ashby Memory Method be helpful to assist with memory loss?

Participants in the AMM program continue with the program based on individual assessment and review. For most participants you can expect to see positive results whether in cognition and /or quality of life score for approximately one to two years. Individual results can vary from person to person. AMM interventions can continue for as long as you wish or when it is recommended to transition to other types of therapy provided by Memory Nurture or by another provider. Click here to Contact Us

For people who already have had memory problems for several years could the AMM be helpful?

There are a number of factors which will make a difference regarding how an individual will respond to the program. We offer an assessment to gauge the suitability of the AMM for each individual. We offer suggestions for a cognitive stimulation programme, activities and resources in the community. Click here to Contact Us

Are Memory Nurture services affordable?

There are some Medicare and Health Fund rebates depending on the Health Fund as well as DVA services for eligible GOLD card holders.  At Memory Nurture we recommend the HBF Premium Essentials Plan. We offer a variety of plans e.g. providing training re the use of the AMM with family members to full assistance from Memory Nurture Facilitators. Respite care as well as personal care is available in the Perth area, expanding to regional areas in the future. Well -being support for the client and family is offered through our  Memory Nurture Facilitators as well as by our well- being support staff who have professional qualifications in  Social Work. Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses are available where required. Please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Is the programme and the time I chose flexible?

Yes, the Memory Nurture program is very flexible and for the AMM program , training for family members and /or close friends is also offered online . We are happy to discuss this further. For the AMM it  is recommended that at least 8 weeks programme is completed twice a week and after the 8 weeks, participants can choose to continue with the program which is then focused on lifelong activities enjoyed as well as cognitive skill activities. Click here to Contact Us

Are the Memory Nurture Facilitators qualified to assess and work with memory impairment including people with strokes and Parkinson's disease ?

All the Memory Nurture  Facilitators are qualified and experienced in aged care with a variety of diagnoses and have undergone extensive training.  Memory Nurture  Facilitators are qualified and Registered Occupational Therapists and certified Occupational and Physio- therapy Assistants. Carers for respite and personal care are all trained including how to use enjoyable activities specific for each person and to provide emotional support. Rest assured all Memory Nurture  Facilitators and personal carers have current police checks in place. Click here to Contact Us

When is the service reviewed and what is is the review based on?

The assessment will be done by a qualified Memory Nurture Health Professional, the results will be discussed with you and/ or your doctor,strategies/a plan is made which will be regularly reviewed with you. Click here to Contact Us

Do you have a Memory Nurture facilitator in our suburb?

At present, we have Memory Nurture facilitators in most areas of Perth as well as the Rockingham/ Mandurah area and we are  expanding our support services.  We will do our best to assist you wherever you live and what services you require. Click here to Contact Us for more information

What is the best way to help our family member and what else can I do?

There are many different ways to assist people with memory impairment , those people who have had a stroke as well as Parkinson’s disease. We believe the AMM is a valuable part of cognitive, physical , emotional, social and multi-sensory stimulation which can assist quality of life. Other cognitive stimulation techniques and interventions such as music therapy including singing have shown benefit with wonderful responses. The value of creative expression and art therapy can be seen in our Resources section. Continuing to do what you enjoy doing, including exercise,  hobbies, small tasks around the house e.g. watering plants , peeling vegetables or folding washing are helpful. We are ready to share our wealth of experience as well as support families with activity ideas specific for each person. Our Well- Being support staff can also offer emotional support for you and /or your family. Click here to Contact Us

Is there a contract to sign?

Once you have decided you wish to join the program, you will be given an agreement form taking into account your individual circumstances, which outlines the details of the program and the cost. Payment is by bank transfer, credit card or cheque. There is no agreement or contract where you are committed for a specified period of time.

You are welcome to contact us further with any more questions. Click here to Contact Us