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Quality of Life

The Ashby Memory Method (AMM) program of cognitive and communication exercises as well activities are designed to improve the quality of life by boosting self esteem, confidence and by helping lift the mood of participants. Others have reported reduced anxiety, better sleep and greater peace of mind.

Memory Nurture Facilitators aim to assist people adapt to changes in cognition as well as helping family members cope with dementia related changes and personal life events. Intervention and support in familiar home surroundings can delay the need for transition to longer term care in an aged care facility.

We believe the Ashby Memory Method is a valuable part of cognitive, physical , emotional, social and multi-sensory stimulation for people with dementia. Other cognitive stimulation techniques and approaches such as music therapy including singing and creative expression have shown benefit with wonderful responses. Engaging in past hobbies, physical activity, walking as well as doing familiar enjoyable household activities such as watering plants, peeling vegetables and folding washing have shown benefit for people with dementia as well as for people who have had a stroke or have Parkinson’s disease.

We are ready to share our wealth of experience to assist you and your family members in finding exercise and activities which will give you enjoyment and meaning. Well-being and emotional support for you and your family is also provided.

Ask us how early intervention can improve your quality of life and what you may need to know when making choices about living in the comfort of your own home.